3/7/14 & 3/10/14

Thought I forgot about you all didn’t ya? Nope, I just had a lazy weekend where (other then getting dragged to Lowes) I stayed in my jammies and watched t.v.


So, I had an egg salad sandwich for lunch. Amazing! I forgot how good they are.


With it I had two slices of bbq chicken (deli meat)




and veggies:

onion, mushroom and black olives)

I also brought a pecan pinwheel for snack but didn’t eat it.

Today’s Lunch:

(taken before they were placed in oven)

I ate the whole thing! Lol Nah, just 5..or was it 6? I can’t remember and sadly I didn’t take pics of lunch because I was running late.

If you’re wondering what those are. I placed wanton wrappers inside my (pam sprayed) mini muffin pan. Added some of my leftover rice from last week, some of my leftover taco meat, onion, mushroom and garlic then baked in the oven at 425*F for 10 minutes. Normally I do a little less time (like 6-8 minutes) but I was sidetracked by guests.  I add cheese to it most of the time but like I said, distracted. Still tasted good. I also added some taco bell medium sauce to it after it was done.

So I had some of those, a cheese wedge, pretzels, and strawberries.

005 037 004

So I lied about the pictures..kinda. These are old  but they are what I ate. 🙂

Now what should I do for tomorrow? Hmm…


*Also sorry for the bad quality of most of the pics. I was in a rush Friday.


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