Monday, Monday, Monday! Maybe if I say it in an uplifting voice it won’t drown me. Gah! This weekend has been very busy between training for work and helping people clean their house. I’ve have next to no rest. Anyway, lunch today is a little mix of things. Only one picture though because I got hungry. Oops!

The main part was a fruit salad!

Of course, the only fruit I have in the house is a red grapefruit, an apple and grapes. With a little hint from pintrest, I was sent here:

Secret Fruit Salad

For those who don’t want to go check it out, the secret to her fruit salad is a little bit of dry instant vanilla pudding mix! I’m more of a chocolate girl myself but I used the vanilla this time and its amazing. The first time I tried it was just over some strawberries and grapes. Its a trick I will definitely be using again. 🙂

Along with the salad I had some pepperoni, string cheese, bell pepper and crackers. I pulled some of the cheese apart and made little open faced sandwiches.


So that was lunch! Sorry again for not having a lit of pics. I’ll be back to normal tomorrow..I hope! lol



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