Disney’s Princess Half Marathon food

21 followers? Awesome! Thank you all for following! I really ment to post this yesterday but I was in zombie mode; working on only 2 hours of sleep. Most of my concentration went to working the marathon. It was awesome as always and so many cute princess running outfits! The first princess to pass the finish line did it in 1 hour and 15 minutes. 13.1 miles…IN LESS THEN AN HOUR AND A HALF! I can’t even run 30 minutes without stopping once or twice. But we’re here for the food aren’t we?

So for Saturday’s lunch I grabbed these and a bottle of water:


Other options were an Italian sub instead of the pb & j (really should have gotten that but I was craving me a pb&j), I also opted out of yogurt, an apple, something else I forgot. lol

For Sunday, I got a bottle of water and..


Cute box right? Huh? Oh! You wanna know what’s inside? Well…


All I ended up eating was the top row. The corn chips with the cheese and the almond pop with blueberries.

The rest of it is sitting up on top of my fridge.

Well, that was the food from the marathon. I hope you all had a great weekend!



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