So guess who got a call at 7:15 this morning asking if she could come in? What was that? Me? Yepper. Mind you my normal work day doesn’t start until 12:30. Yay for extra hours! Boo for lunch planing. Thankfully I had an artichoke in the fridge my mom said I could have. Origanlly it was hers, then she said we could half it, then said I could have it but I felt bad and was planning on splitting it..until the call. So I grabbed it, wrapped it up and out the door I went.

Yeah, just the artichoke. Mind you all I had for breakfast was a banana I stuffed down walking out the door. I was a hungry girl today! I did however, remember to take a picture before eating. Yay! Lol


It has breadcrumbs and garlic inside. 🙂

Meaning I’ve been short on pics lately and you all sticking with me, I will have a surprise for you Sun./Mon morning.

A Saturday lunch! I’m volunteering at Disney’s Princess Half Marathon tomorrow and Sunday. They give us a free lunch tomorrow and a baggy of snacks Sunday morning. So I will take pics of both and share them. I hope you all have a good weekend!



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