So for today’s lunch we have I had a veggie and cheese quesadilla


I used one La Banderita-Large Flour Tortilla, 1/3rd cup Great Value – Finely Shredded Italian Style Cheese, 1/8th cup bell pepper, 1/2 cup diced onion and a little less then 1 cup baby spinach.

(219 calories)

With it I had Tostitos – All Natural Multigrain Chips (1.5 servings-225 calories) and dip.

016 015 

The dip was made using 4 tablespoons Great Value – All Natural Medium Chunky Salsa, 2 tbsp sour cream,2 tbsp onion and 2 tbsp peppers.

(95 calories)

I dipped my quesadilla in it. Yum! *cough* I might had used it with my cucumbers also. 🙂

With that I had some strawberries and cucumbers.

012  017

(24 calories for 1.2 cup halved and 8 calories for 1.2 cup)

For a total of  523 calories.

See ya tomorrow!




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