I hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine was alright. I remembered why I wait until I get home to post these things Friday afternoon. I never ate my crackers. I had two cupcakes instead. We’ll keep that between us yeah? lol

So for today’s lunch its another salad. I really need to start making other things! lol I’ve just been craving salad and its quick so yeah..

Anywho! Today’s salad was made with baby spinach, bell peppers, onion, cucumber and 1000 island dressing.


(115 calories)

Sorry about the picture..I didn’t take it when I made it (like normal) because my phone was charging then forgot until I was almost done. I also crumbled up some of my crackers into it.

With it I had sliced strawberries and banana with a little bit of sugar.


(129 calories )

*I did not use the whole banana but I did eat the rest of it with my breakfast. So added the calories for the whole banana

For snack, I have the crackers! Surprise right? lol


Wishing everyone a good week!



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