Tuesdays. I HATE them. Its the day my body realizes going to work wasn’t just a one day thing and it rebels making me extra tired. Today is normally the day I grab a calorie filled chocolatey drink from Dunkin’ Dounuts to make it through my day. Oh! I still have $$ on the gift card..Hmm I’ll get back to you after work on if I got it or not.

Anyway, for lunch I had some BBQ chicken. Some of the slices were wrapped around a slice of Kraft Natural Cheese – Sliced Provolone Cheese With Smoke Flavor.


(130 calories for 2 oz of meat and the slice of cheese)

003 005

Along with it I had some 2 slices of tomato and 1/2c of cucumber.

(15 calories)

For snack I found an apple burried under my bag of spinach. Yay! After I took this pic I noticed part of it was going bad. I cut it up removed the brown spots now hopefully the rest is still good. If I get super sick in a day or so we blame the apple. Deal?


(50 calories for 0.7 of medium sized apple and 230 for the jiff spread)

Bringing my total to 425 calories for lunch.

*We had a small emergency next door that almost that almost made me late for work so no coffee…didn’t really need though so no big loss. I hope you all had a good day!



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