1/22/14 Lunch

 Brr! For those of you in the cold I hope you all keep warm! Those in the warm weather, enjoy it and don’t get sun burnt! Here in Florida, we’re getting the outskirts of the cold front moving through the United States. So I figured for lunch, I’d bring the last of the soup I made my mom this weekend. Also, sorry I forgot to take a picture of everything together.


6-Ingredient Tortellini Soup.I found this on a pintrest (5-Ingredient Tortellini Soup) and opted to add garlic making it six ingredients. (347 calories)

With it I had some baked broccoli. (Also found on pintrest..seeing a theme? lol)


(40 calories)

For my snack I had an apple with some Jif – Hazelnut Spread – Mocha Cappuccino spread. I also munched out on the trail mix the kids made for the 100th day of school.

004 022

No, that’s not how much I ate..its what was left over. lol

(270 calories and 67 calories)

*not pictured.. had a few chips from a co-worker (80 calories)

I did mention the whole endless tummy mode yesterday right?lol

Total: 814 calories

Happy Hump Day!~Nikki


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