First, THANK YOU! I was so surprised to see 5 people liked my lunch Friday. I really didn’t think anyone would find this. At least not this fast! lol


So for Tuesday’s lunch and snack I’ve packed: a veggie filled grilled cheese, 1/2 cup cucumber slices, 1/2 a grapefruit and for snack, my 2 servings of ritz (Mmm)


I used a slice of yellow and a slice of white kraft american cheese, a slice of tomato along with some onion and yellow peppers. I gotta say this was the best freakin’ grilled cheese I’ve had in a while. I might just make it again later this week!

(530 calories)

Along with that I had:

015 014

(8 calories and 41 calories)

Now normally I eat a grapefruit as a meal (or the main part of a meal, not the side) but I’m in endless tummy mode and figured this was the healthier option. lol

Around 4p.m. I had my lovely crackers while the kids had a 2nd mini snack


(160 calories)

Total Calories:793

On a side note, it has been a week since I had any fast food! Woo hoo!! Thanks again and Happy Tuesday!


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